Creative Inventory

Gem Faire is back in town… the last one until August.  I’m going to be huge in August and it’s going to be hot.  I already told Jesse after we get back from Georgia, I’m not going outside until the scorching heat mid-day heat goes away.  It’s pretty amusing how he needs blankets more than I do these days.  He needs the cotton blanket and the comforter while I’m perfectly fine with the sheet.  Hehehe.  So yeah, probably going to skip the August show, so I should go to this one.

One of my online suppliers is having a sale, so I’m like, “Ooo, I can buy rocks and wire and wire wrap again.”  But realistically, I need to go home and take inventory of EVERYTHING.  Rocks, wire, chainmaille rings, etc.  I’m pretty set on chain for awhile, so that’s good.  I also need to figure out what direction I should go in right now.  Rocks for sure, but what?  Part of me wants to get back to basics… boring rounds linked together with either a focal point or just a nicely linked strand of beads.  More 4mm and 6mm.  More rectangular stones too.  Those are fun and will help balance out the bump Hui.1 is making.  Need bigger proportions after all. 😉  I miss making chained necklaces like that… been focusing too much on basic chainmaille and pendants that need chains.  Time to make my own beaded chain again.  Like these…

Interesting how these are some of my favorite pieces and they incorporate my favorite glass beads ever. 😀  Guess it’s time to bust them out again.

So… shopping list:

Boring rounds

Puffed rice

Puffy center drilled coins

Interesting Focal Beads that aren’t too heavy


I’ll un-boring it with little chainmaille bits and maybe some glass beads and crystals.  Muhahahahahaha.


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