Playing Catch-Up

This week, I’ve been focusing on all the things I’ve been neglecting around the apartment.  Mostly the apartment in general.  I’ve had more energy this week entirely (must be getting enough sleep for once), so I’ve been tidying and putting stuff away.  Tonight I need to tackle the pile of skirts in front of my closet door.  I’m really enjoying the challenge of maternity fashion and the challenge of not looking frumpy and lazy.  As long as I have my basic t-shirts and tank tops that are long enough to cover my bump, I’ll be happy.  Oh, and of course, plenty of knit skirts with an elastic waistband. 😉  Part of me feels its time to go through my closet and say goodbye to the cute summer dresses with plastic boning because 1) when will I get a chance to wear them again? and 2) I think it’s time to focus on more versatile pieces of clothing.  The knit dresses from last summer and prior are fine because they’re empire waisted, but the tight corset A-line dresses that don’t require a bra because they’re lightly padded need to go.  I’ll keep my 2 favorites and donate the rest.  It’s hard to let go, but I’m starting to realize I like more flowy fabrics and clothes are starting to become more of an investment than anything else.  It’s like the difference between fashion and style.

“Fashion is something so ugly, we have to change it every six months!” ~Oscar Wilde

I feel really good about the direction I’m going in with all these rocks. Sometimes I need to take a step back from the chainmaille and focus on other designs with chainmaille bits (not exclusively chainmaille). I may question it but I know better and just go with the flow of things. Exactly how I’m dealing with married life and being pregnant.  It’s a simple design, but oh so versatile. I can already imagine all the yummy sets I can make… Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I’m not a matchy-matchy person so it’s hard for me to make sets. But when the concept is so simple and begs to be done, that’s hard to resist. But ideas are one thing and getting into production mode is the next challenge.  I’ve been wearing my Iolite-Sunstone necklace this week.  I was reading up on the three stones because there’s Iolite, Sunstone, and Iolite-Sunstone.  I adore this necklace because the focal stone is an Iolite-Sunstone followed by the iolite and sunstone to make the chain.  Hmm… no pictures that will do it justice.  Need to play with the camera soon. 😉


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