La la la

Jesse and I are going up north this weekend for a spur-of-the-moment roadtrip.  We need to visit his elders and little brother in Central California before I get too big and whiny about car rides. 😀

Interestingly enough, I decided it’s time to make my favorite chainmaille necklace in rose gold and silver.  I can bring that along with me to work on at the hotel.  I’ve also uploaded my Kindle with jewelry business PDFs to read on the road.  I need to remember to bring a notebook to jot down ideas and stuff.  Shoot, I need to start packing tomorrow.  I hope all my duffle bags aren’t full of jewelry display stuff.  I know the big one is, but where’s the other one?  Better remind myself to go through the cabinets… might have shoved it up there? 😡

My temporary home page is up on the website now.  I’m really happy and excited this is really happening.  I’ve been getting some decent visits to the blog, so I need to get the creative juices in gear.  Most especially on the photography side of things.  I have lots of yummy new things I have to show off.  And shiny things I need to make.  So much to do, so little time.  In a few months it’ll be baby prep, but I still have time. 😉  Haven’t felt any movement yet… guess my ab muscles are harder than I thought. 😀

Here’s a picture from Monday night… I was exhausted from cleaning and making dinner, and for the first time, my feet were swelling because it was warm (shame on me for not turning on the AC).  I’m rather fond of red sparkly toes. 😉


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