Finding Yourself

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” ~ Joseph Campbell

This quote speaks to me in two ways.  One way being your sacred space is where you end up a lot.  With a friend, a spouse, children, family… home.  The other way would be you go back to this sacred space when you are lost and you find yourself again and again.  Meaning #1 would undoubtedly be Jesse.  He’s my rock and I still have to pinch myself to remind me that I am a wife and soon to be mother.  It’s all so surreal.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but it’s like, “Wow…”  I never pictured myself married and pregnant.  Sure, I’d get there, but I never dreamed about the journey to get there.  Seriously mind boggling.

As for a sacred space where I “find [myself] again and again”… I used to have that in my old room before I got married.  I didn’t have the distraction of a computer taking up most of my workable desk space.  I was surrounded by my beads and rings and chains.  Everything I considered magical.  So I need to find a solution to my problem.  Not sure what it is other than keeping the computer off unless I really need it.  We’re too connected in this world.  There are too many distractions and it’s no wonder that ADD is more easily diagnosed, for better or for worse.  Our attention spans are suffering with all this information and power at our fingertips.

My ideal workspace would be to have a L-shaped desk, one side with the computer, the other with all my treasures and workspace.  I like having TV to watch while I’m working (not designing, working).  But in a 0ne-bedroom apartment, something’s gotta give.

I’ve been cleaning a lot, part of nesting, I’m sure.  But also because clutter gets in the way physically and mentally.  My desk is slowly being de-cluttered… stones filed away in their designated box, chain put away into the jewelry armoire for later, wire stowed away when the mood for wire wrapping strikes, scrap wire carefully collected into baggies to be traded for store credit.  I haven’t had the energy to go through my closet and figure out what to donate, but eventually I will.  Besides, I should try to dress more like a mom.  Even though I’m going to be the cool mom who wears Doc Martens.  Or the dorky mom who loves her Docs.  Regardless, I’ll be a stylish mom somehow. 😉


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