Pasadena Daydreams

Been playing with chainmaille and my favorite glass beads lately.  My heart has been singing because I love these beads.  Grace is an engineer who decided to go creative and started making the most beautiful beads I have ever seen.  She’s awesome.  She is part of the magic that is the Pasadena Bead and Design Show.  There’s something magical about Pasadena that resonates through my entire family.  This trip, I’m hoping to make it to my favorite tea room for tea and snacks.  Mmm, warm scones and cream.  Nom Nom Nom.  Just as yummy as these glass beads and rocks from my crazy pirate rock lady.  😉

I couldn’t get to Pasadena until 2009.  Previous years were just too busy on the weekends to break away.  But 2009 was the beginning of something bigger than I had ever imagined.  I discovered both Grace and my crazy pirate rock lady.  My sister and I spent a good hour talking to her at her booth.  The only reason I stopped was because I noticed she had some really lovely larimar necklaces.  Yes, it was all downhill from there. 😉  I don’t think she was there for the July show, but she did come back in 2010 and every show after that, so I’ve collected some outstanding stones I never would have discovered otherwise.  Even Jesse has figured out that Pasadena = Crazy Pirate Rock Lady.  Hehehehe.

My dream right now is to make a strong collection of jewelry that incorporates Grace’s beads so I have a good excuse to go on a shopping spree with her.  Mmm, someday.  Definitely someday. ♥♥♥

This is something similar to what I’ve been making with my treasured beads and chainmaille… yeah, once upon a time, I had great ideas.  Need to get back to that mindset again.

Here are some pieces I’ve made with Grace Beads:

And here are some Crazy Pirate Rock Lady pieces:

(The bottom stone is a rough watermelon tourmaline)


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