From My Kitchen Table

Someone is starting to kick me. -_-

Aislyn of Urban Maille states that the place you design should be somewhere you are most comfortable and happy.  Jo Packham of Where Women Create always writes her magazine introductions “From my kitchen table”.  Lately, I’ve been working at my kitchen table.  It’s actually a dining room set, but Jesse and I only have 3 chairs in use while the other chair is in the living room as decoration, and the bench is discretely tucked away under the table against the wall. Pretty clever, I must say. 😉  I’ve had the honor of filling my table with wonderful friends, which has always been a dream I’ve wanted to fulfill in my home… I am a Cancer after all.  It’s not about truth, justice, and the pursuit of happiness, but home, family, and financial security. 😀  But for general use, it’s handy for us and when Jesse.1 comes to visit for the weekend.

Designing at the table has been more alluring to do so because Jesse and I trekked over to Target (yay, a Target within walking distance!) and bought some replacement light bulbs.  OMG, these lights are so bright, sometimes I don’t need to turn on the kitchen light.  Plus, they’re CFL full spectrum bulbs so it’s a nice white light for a quarter of the power consumed.  Epic awesome.  I suppose we do have to recycle them, but they last so long, I’m sure they’ll out live the amount of time we stay in this apartment.  But also, it’s easy to pick up some beads and wire and chain them over breakfast.  I’m sure that will change once Hui.1 makes his debut, but I do look forward to those quiet late night moments between naps and feedings where I can sneak away and hopefully find my muse.


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