Ooo Shiny!

Lots of new shiny things and new pictures.  I’ve been inspired to use my wedding china as a backdrop.  What else am I going to do with it if I don’t use it for entertaining?  Yeah, next dinner party, I may just bust it out… 😉

So this is what happens when I have a Saturday to leisurely sit on my butt and “rest” while Jesse occupies himself with Diablo 3.  Someday, I will play video games again, but not until I replace my crappy computer.  But hey, it lets me do all the stuff I need to do online, so I’m not complaining.  Besides, one can only do so much “running around and killing things” before one’s butt gets tired of sitting.

This is my spring necklace… I love what I did with it.

Old fluorite necklace I revamped with this big @$$ focal bead.  It’s certainly a show stopper.  I should post it on Etsy, but that’s a task for another day. 😉

Teeny tiny multicolor tourmaline beads on yellow gold filled.  I blame 2 things for the creation of this necklace… my friend who is obsessed with tourmaline and the fluorite necklace.  It took me all day and I tumbled it all night (yay for fan noise to block out the tumbler noise!).

With matching earrings, of course.  Well, I never make matching anything, so this is a big accomplishment. 😉

Rose gold filled and sparkly sunstone.  Yum!

And a work in progress tourmaline necklace.  This is the lighter strand.  The darker strand is in sterling silver.


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