Jesse, Jesse.1, and I are in Georgia visiting Jesse’s mom.  It’s been pretty nice out here relaxing and eating.  Hui.1 decided he likes hanging out by my obliques today.  Sheesh, it hurts whenever I twist around or move funny.  Lucky me.  He really doesn’t like it when I attempt a washerwoman shimmy, an ami (small ones are okay), and a pelvic tilt back.  Just anything that involves shortening of my torso or twisting of it.  Surprisingly enough, I can still do chest slides… but that’s more chest than the rest of my torso.  Hmm.

Been toying with new jewelry designs here and there.  Really just idle tinkering as I stare into the greenery surrounding the house.  I’ll post scenery pictures once I remember to post them to Photobucket.  Hehehe.  It’s been more of taking old designs I’ve already perfected and adding more chainmaille bits to it.  Need another day to sit on it though.  Overall it’s been a pretty relaxing few days, bumming around the yard of forest, eating enough to keep baby happy, and spending time with my in-laws.  One real observation has been how much the siblings play board games.  The games I really want are Dominion and Munchkin.  The sets we bought are staying here so we have something to do when we come back to visit.  Puerto Rico is really fun too, but longer than the other 2.  I guess it depends how much time we have post baby, but if my cousin can host a party for the baby’s 1-month, then I’m sure Jesse and I can figure something out. 😉

As much as I wonder if I should bust out some fashion magazines to figure out what the latest trends are, I shrug off the idea and remember that style is more important than fashion.  The empire I’m trying to create is based on timeless, classic style, not ever changing horrid fashion.  So yeah.  I can sleep easier at night and wake up refreshed.  Now to get my butt moving a little bit…


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