I’ve been working with my Swarovski crystal on this trip. I guess I needed a nice burst of color. 😉 I’m remotely concerned with this only because my favorite jewelry designer, whom I aspire to, fell off the face of the earth when the economy tanked. I’ve watched her products and designs for years, starting in the 90’s all the way up to post-college. This was when Y-necklaces were all the rage. At the end of her reign, she ventured into semi-precious stones to supplement her crystal collection. But POOF! and she’s gone, her website redone and more vintage than anything else.

How do I avoid this serious tanking? How do I avoid a plateau in the market and stay alive? Maybe she grew her empire too big and once she pulled out of Nordstrom, that’s where the difficulties caved her in. This is why I don’t want to rely on fashion, but timeless, heirloom style. Like how a Chanel or Louis Vuitton never truly goes out of style. I would love some Louis Vuitton travel bags but then people would know I either have money or a rich husband. I guess I’ll just stick to my seatbelt bags instead. 😉

This is why I’ve been mostly avoiding crystal necklaces on chains. But maybe I don’t have to be so afraid of it as long as I make sure my designs aren’t dated and overly trendy. And I need to believe in myself and my vision. Only then will I find the right market. Wow, I really feel like Goldilocks right now.


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