Georgia is pretty. 🙂

I’m wondering if I’m tired or getting bored. Been working on a lot of chainmaille projects. Typically, we wake up around 10am EST and go to sleep past midnight. PST that’s pretty reasonable. So what we consider morning is a few hours eating breakfast then bumming around until the afternoon. Then we venture out of the house to find something to do before nap and dinnertime. Then board games and sleep. Yesterday, Jesse.1 wanted a root beer float so we went for ice cream and then wandered around the mall. Afterwards, I took a much needed two hour nap. Hehehe.

So far I’ve finished a set of earrings and necklace and a insane 20 gauge bracelet. I’m currently working between a Byzantine watch and a half version of the collar I wore for my wedding. I really love the half version of the collar. It feels like a medieval strand of pearls. I only made it to the full extent because I wanted to wear it to a bellydance festival. Hehehe. Somehow I got around to starting the base chain but never finished it. I figured this would be a good time to attempt to finish it. I need to do close up photos of my own since I already have photos of me wearing it. I can’t say how much I adore that collar. I tried making it in rose gold but I think I need to scrap that and start over since my ring supplier just started making rose gold filled rings. The aspect ratio should be closer to the sterling one because I can tell the other rings aren’t as pristine. But before I do, I think I’ll compare the two first.

And I think it’s time for bed… Zzzzz


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