Adventures in Housewifery

This would be a great name for a blog, but I’m too lazy to start a new one.

Finally made it back home from Georgia.  Today we’re going to visit Jesse’s dad, drop me off at Mom and Dad’s, drop off Jesse.1 at the airport, then have dinner with Mom and Dad.  Not a bad Sunday, if not extra busy.  Oh well, I’ll sleep in the car.  Before we left, we emptied the fridge to pretty much nothing but condiments, 2 onions, and 2 apples.  I woke up around 5:30, dozed off for a bit, then decided to make a market run around 7am.  Not a bad idea and I bought all the stuff we’ll need for the next week or so.  If Jesse wants veggies for dinner, he can go pick some up after work.  I do need to make a Trader Joe’s run, but it’s not urgent.  Just to pick up cereal and more frozen pizza.  I love their margarita pizza on a pastry puff.  OMG, it’s like pizza on a croissant.  So darn good!

Learning how to grocery shop has been an interesting experience.  First rule of thumb is never pay more than $0.99/lb for basic fruits and veggies such as lettuce, roma tomatoes (great for salsa, soups, and sauces), apples, and onions.  Especially onions.  I miss being near a Superior Grocers for their fresh tortilla chips and cheap veggies.  Cooking for Jesse and myself is basically feeding a family of 3 or 4 because his portions are so much bigger than mine and Dad’s.  Once we got onions at 8lbs for $0.99.  When we moved here, a Northgate Market just opened up at the end of the block.  My sister’s husband’s family shops there, so I can say that it’s a good, reliable Mexican market.  As sketchy as Pico Rivera was, I miss the grocery stores.

So there’s a house for sale on the same block as Mom and Dad.  But realistically, we can’t afford it unless some miracle happens.  I wouldn’t mind living so close to them, it would make babysitting and going to work a heck of a lot easier.  It would be funny, because last night I realized that Dad would be the one knocking on my door the most.  Or, if he had a key, he’d let himself in, make a cup of tea, and make himself at home.  Then when Mom goes running around town, he’ll come over and ask what’s for dinner.  Not sure if I like the idea, but it amuses me enough that I wouldn’t mind.  We’ll see if we get a miracle.  Our apartment lease is up in December. 😀

Seriously, sometimes I swear I married another version of my dad.  They both like giant mugs for their tea (Dad stole my pink Starbucks mug because it was the biggest in the house and I bought Jesse a Venti mug for Christmas/housewarming present), they LOVE everything being neat and in its place (uh oh), and they wear mostly the same clothes.  Yes, engineers shop at the same stores for their button down shirts and chinos. /shakes head  One time we left the laundry in the basket and I had to bring Jesse’s work shirts home to iron and Dad thought I was ironing his shirts.  Oops.  That was pretty funny though. 😉


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