Jewelry Supplies and Kid Safety

The more and more my world starts revolving around kids (hitting 26 weeks on Tuesday, aah!), the more I’ve been thinking about my kid safety.  Ideally, when we have a house, I’ll have a room all to myself that I can lock while I’m not in there, but since bedrooms in a house will definitely be a commodity, I’m just going to need to keep stuff on high shelves with toys on the bottom shelves to distract them from the shinies (got that tip from my MIL).  As for the older ones who get smarter and more sneaky, locks seem to be the way to go, even if it’s just a lock on my bedroom door or a locked file cabinet.  Haven’t quite figured all of that stuff out since we’re still in the apartment.  Assuming we are still here when Hui.1 starts crawling/walking, we just need to block off the kitchen and keep the hallway door closed.  Simple enough.  And I need to clean up the front room a bit… there are still some random things that need homes.

I like the idea of this bookshelf from IKEA.  The load per shelf is 29lbs, but is that per cubby or per row?  That’s important because I’ve already destroyed a Billy bookshelf by loading it too much with my rocks.  Yeah, rocks are apparently heavy… the built-in cabinets work very nicely right now, though. 😉

We’ll definitely bolt the bookshelves to the walls as a safety precaution of climbers.  I need to dig through my old bookshelves at home to claim my Winne the Pooh hardback treasury of all the Pooh books.  I also want to find my old kid books like The Trumpet of the Swan and Charlotte’s Web.  Taking Philosophy Through Children’s Literature in c9llege was the best thing I ever did for myself (aside from bellydance class).  I gathered a lot of my favorite kid books that will be passed onto the next generation of readers. 😀

Another thing I need to remember when we move into a house, is to keep one of the bedrooms EXTREMELY boring so we can toss in any kid who’s throwing a tantrum and acting like demon spawn until they calm down.  My MIL says that works better than a time out, so I’ll test that out.  Definitely a boring room with nothing an angry kid can break or hurt themselves with.  I guess my china cabinet with my wedding china will also include all my Swarovski figurines and Mulan snowglobes.  Sheesh, this Mom thing really complicates things, doesn’t it?

Eh, just little tidbits of things to worry about with small children running around.  And soon to be pre-teens.  Yikes.


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