I’ve been hatching lately… collecting ideas, resting, and nesting.  Thursday night, I was fluttering around the apartment doing my ADD cleaning.  Basically tackling several areas without intensive focus.  Oh, this needs to be thrown away, oh, that needs to be put away, etc.  I was happy because I was cleaning and moving around.  I’ve found myself getting stagnant and stir crazy because of sitting too much most of the day.  Cleaning the apartment is a good way for me to combat the lazy.  I was also not hungry because I had some green tea earlier so I needed to burn it off before I could eat dinner.  I cleared the beads off of my place mat, cleared all the mail from the kitchen counter (then made it SPARKLE on Saturday), found the missing wedding invitation I should have been looking for but forgot, and put away stuff from the Georgia trip.

Saturday, a friend stopped by in the morning to drop off some baby stuff.  So I now have a baby bathtub full of miscellaneous toys Jesse and I need to go through.  He made us French toast for breakfast and cleaned the kitchen the way he likes it.  Yes, I put away my tumbler and he put the cinnamon alphabet cookies back on top of the refrigerator.  Smart and Final is great for staples like peanut butter, but I’ve had this giant tub of cookies and I’m not even close to finishing it… oops.  He did laundry while I visited with my friend a little bit, then I crashed on the futon reading the latest Shabby Chic book I found at Target. ♥  Jesse’s lucky we’re having a boy or else he’d be swamped with rich romantic floral sheets, blankets, and dresses.  Hahaha.  For now it’s just Snoopy and dragons without pink cottage roses. 😉

After a nap and eating the rest of the French toast for lunch, we headed to Hollywood for his college friend’s wedding.  The church was plopped right in the middle of Sunset Blvd, past the CNN building.  My sister used to work in that building once upon a time.  I never realized how far Hollywood is compared to Downtown LA.  The ceremony started a half hour after what was printed on the invitation, which was pretty smart of them to do.  I’m fairly certain my wedding started within 15 minutes of the invitation time.  Dad and I just forgot to pull the blusher over my face, but he would have gotten it tangled like he did my sister’s.  Hehehe.  It was a full Mass and I kept teasing Jesse how much he lucked out with our wedding.  He noted that the aisle was really long compared to ours.  It was a proper Catholic Church with its ornate wood ceiling carvings, rod iron decor, and a lot more statues than what I’m used to.  Still, it was a beautiful ceremony and felt very comforting to be back inside the church.  I’ll go back eventually, but when I’m not so clingy.  I still have a hint of separation anxiety but I usually ignore it and leave anyway, but not without making sure the apartment is remotely clean. >.<


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