Movies from Once Upon a Time

There’s always been a great debate about what Disney movies teach our kids.  First of all, you have to take them with a grain of salt and look at it from two angles.  Girls are either going to learn that it pays to be kind and patient and do whatever it takes to get to that happy ending, or they’re going to wait for Prince Charming to come rescue them.

For me, it was all about their story and journey, not necessarily getting swooped off their feet by a handsome guy who happens to be a prince.  Or in Mulan’s case, a war captain… sorry Jesse, but Shang was dreamy.  I really hope my kids aspire to be the best person they can be, instead of waiting for someone to fix all their problems.  At least Ariel learned her lesson when Ursula stole Eric from her… DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF FOR SOMEONE ELSE.  It’ll be interesting to have Disney movie discussions with the kids when they’re around Jesse.1’s age. 😉

She hasn’t seen the Sound of Music or the Wizard of Oz.  Too bad we don’t have a TV or else I’d say we should watch it soon.  Maybe I can borrow my dad’s TV… he likes the Sound of Music and Julie Andrews. 😀


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