Daddy’s Girl

Spent Thursday morning at my sister’s house, then Mom and Dad joined us for lunch.  I ate their breakfast leftovers (wheat toast, hash browns, and sausage) with some boiled napa cabbage on the side.  Dad made a comment that my sister doesn’t have a hot water pot (it’s not convenient to boil water all the time), then I told Mom he’d come over to my house and drink all the hot tea he wants without a fuss.  Heck, he’d probably use Jesse’s venti Starbucks mug without a second thought because it’s the biggest mug in the house.  Yes, I can already imagine it now.  Better keep my cupboard stocked with green tea when we finally find a house to buy. 😉

Dad and I have always been on the same wavelength.  For most of my life, my aunts and uncles have always said they wish they had one of me. 😉  We don’t have to talk about important things.  There’s a silent understanding that speaks louder than words.  He started my love for rose gold because he would buy me a piece of jewelry each Hawaii trip we took together, and most of my collection from those trips have been rose gold.   I’ll take and post photos of them when I remember where I put the key for my jewelry box/hope chest.  Oops. 😡  The last big gift he gave me was a Montblanc rollerball pen from the Ingrid Bergman collection.  There’s an amethyst on the cap clip, the lacquer is reminiscent of mother-of-pearl, and plated in rose gold.  It’s beautiful, simple, and speaks volumes about his fashion sense and what I’ve learned about style from him.  Growing up going to South Coast Plaza, a girl learns very quickly who’s who in the fashion world.  Reading Vogue and watching “How Do I Look” also helped, but still.  I know where I got my love of clean lines from.  I tease Jesse that I married a version of my father because he loves keeping things neat and tidy, the marble table with a bench, and the convenience of a hot water pot.


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