Happy 4th of July!

What a random day to have a holiday.  But Jesse and I made the best of what we could. 😉

Played some Diabo before heading out to Downtown LA for lunch at my family’s old favorite dim sum place.  Dad and I always stop by whenever we’re in Downtown, simply because we have to. 😉  I’m more Chinese than I give myself credit for.  Holidays = Chinese food!!!  I’ve been in Chinese food withdrawal ever since I moved out and got married.  Yes, my dad would be proud considering how much I detested it as a child.  I will do the same with my kids… Chinese food until they’re beyond tired of it, but then they start going out with friends and thinking it’s cool. 😉

After walking around a bit to help digest the yumminess, we headed up the 110 to go to Pasadena.  I saw an organizing video online yesterday about drawer organizers and I was like, “I must have those!!!”  The Container Store carries them so it was a perfect excuse to head to Pasadena for the afternoon.  I asked Dad if he wanted me to take any pictures because we’re implementing pay parking in one of the cities we work in, so I took a picture of the “Pay Here” sign.  It’s actually not the best location for the sign because you still have to walk a few more feet to the machine. Not sure how to avoid that unless you have a designated pole to place the sign.

I really like these drawer organizers.  I’ve actually saved room in my sock and underwear drawer.  Now I have a real reason to fold my laundry instead of just tossing it into the drawer of DOOM!  There are some mismatched socks, but I’m sure I’ll find them eventually.  Next thing to figure out is how to deal with all of my nicely folded t-shirts that live in the cabinet.  Jesse is willing to buy a dresser, but I’m wondering if we can avoid that and just work with what we’ve got.  But with the baby and a ton of clothes coming, I don’t think we can avoid it.  The best we can do is make everything as organized as possible.  Oh boy…

As I was wondering what to write about today, we happened to stop at Superior Grocers because I wanted salsa for dinner.  It got me thinking about what a melting pot this country is because we had Chinese food for lunch and Mexican food for dinner.  Heck, we’re an interracial couple/marriage.  25 years ago, it wasn’t all that common and almost frowned upon.  These are the freedoms we mustn’t take for granted and this is one of the things to celebrate on July 4th.  Not your typical BBQ celebration, but I find it quite suitable. 😉


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