Food and Pregnancy Stuff

Last week I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Yesterday I took the education class and started taking blood sugar measurements.  While poking myself and trying to get my finger to bleed isn’t the most fun thing to do, I’ve come to terms with the foods I can eat and not eat until Hui.1 is out and screaming.  Really, I’m not craving chocolate.  I ate a spoonful of the chocolate peanut butter ice cream and that was all I needed until the end of September.  What I’m really sad about is the maximum of 2 servings of fruit a day.  Yes, this is definitely Jesse’s baby with all of my fresh, raw food cravings.  Postpartum, I want fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, smothered in the last of the season’s strawberries with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.  While the idea of going to BJ’s and getting the Pizzookie trio (chocolate chip, Oreo, and Ghirardelli), I don’t want to shock my system with that much sugar.  Who knows, I might be delirious enough that I’ll send Jesse to fetch me one during the first week at home.

Food has never been one of my weaknesses.  I don’t know why, but I’ve been able to maintain a healthy outlook when it comes to body image and food.  I have a bag of Cheetos sitting on my desk right now in front of me and it’s about half full (less than that now because I offered some to my sister yesterday).  I don’t count calories, carbs, or whatever else people count.  Honestly, it irritates me about how carb/calorie conscious people are.  Yes, it’s okay if you have to have a certain diet to maintain a healthy well being, but it’s another thing to be overly obsessive about it.  Maybe I’m not obsessive about it enough, but my food/exercise rules are simple and I have Jesse to blame for that.  Less sugar, more fruit.  No white flour unless you’re going out to eat and they serve you really yummy bread (yes, it’s a treat).  I don’t eat a lot of pizza, so I’m not missing out.  1 small slice of veggie/meat pizza is okay, but no more than that. I consider that hard to eat just one slice, so unless I can find a really small pizza, forget it.  Ice cream is good to have in the freezer, one half gallon at a time.

I bought whipped organic butter because I was at Sprouts and I’m too lazy to wait for my butter to properly melt.  And this is a lot less mess, IMO.  My friends and MIL have butter holders but it gets too messy for my taste, so I’d rather pay extra for more easily spreadable butter. 😉

Allison is coming over tomorrow for some shiny, jewelry chaos, so that’ll be fun.  And also be a great excuse to clean up the apartment since I’ve been doing nothing but managing my food and playing Diablo. 🙂


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