Monotonous Monday

Nothing terribly exciting going on, other than the ruckus that’s been bouncing back and forth in my head.  I have a lot of ideas brewing, but not sure when they’ll get poured out.  We’ll just have to see when they decide to surface.  One very important word of advice I received a few years ago is to ride out the plateau and just be patient.  So, I’m being patient.

Allison and her hubby came over on Saturday for some epic chaos.  The boys nerded it out while we played with lots of shiny things and I ended up with 2 new earring designs.  It was nice to get the juices flowing in a non-traditional sense.  I’ve missed having jewelry pow wows like that.  This was probably the most productive I’ve been for awhile.  Not sure when I’ll get a chance to sit down and work on stuff, but I’m mentally prioritizing what I need to do this week.  Typical Monday.  I usually have a ton of things I need to do, get most of it done, then spend the rest of the week hatching.  This week I really want to tumble a bunch of jewelry because it’s gotten to a point that the silver is gross.  Then I need to tidy my photography bench up because it’s become cluttered enough that I don’t want to go near it.  Jesse has been working on that table also, but there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be organized.  Organization is good for the soul. 😉

I’m turning 30 next week… all I want to do is get a pedicure because this red nail polish from the last one is too darn stubborn for me to take off.  And a good foot scrub sounds really nice right now.  Mom said that Dad wants to go to dinner and that’s fine, I can eat all the Chinese food I want (the dishes I order are very non-sugary and as long as I eat enough meat, I can eat noodles).  This weekend we’re going to go buy a crib and check out a local furniture store for a dresser.  Which means I need to clear out that wall in the front room opposite from the futon.  See?  Mondays always have something to put on the to-do list.  Hopefully I can get everything I want to do today done… we’ll see.


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