Nesting Phase 1

I was hoping to do a before and after post, but oops, I forgot the before pictures.  Oh well.

So, I moved my jewelry armoire over to the front room for better tool and chainmaille access.  Not quite sure how this is really going to work but it’s part of the nesting process.  Haha.  At least the armoire will block some of the draft from the AC unit.  The crib will go to the left of the armoire.  That’s all I’ve figured out so far.  Baby proofing will be a work in progress as he gets older.  Might have to move it back to the bedroom, but we’ll see.  >.<

I decided to do this for better access of my chainmaille bits.  They’ve been currently living under my desk, but I wanted them closer to the eating table where most of my jewelry chaos has been happening.  I will think this more thoroughly through when I’m not so tired… maybe never?  Eh, I’ll figure something out.  I always do. 😉  I think the next step of nesting is rearranging my hallway shelves that are full of beads.  I don’t like the mess part of it has become, so it’s time for a good ol’ cleaning.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll have more room then.  The problem with chainmaille rings is that they don’t do very well in bead boxes.  I keep them in their original tins so maybe I need to find a shallow box without compartments.  Or a new home for my pink organizers.  Baby proofing is officially annoying. 😛

Someday I will have a proper craft space that will be kid proof.

Hmm… maybe I should go kill monsters before bed… 😉


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