Ooo, Kyanite

Woke up hungry so I had some peanut butter and milk… then decided to make a scramble on Jesse’s cast iron pan.  OMG, perfect scramble pan!!! 😀

I made earrings this morning, after having a dream about driving to New Mexico and passing by a mountain range with rocks growing out of the ground like giant mushrooms.  I was like, “Hey, we should look for my crazy pirate rock lady” but never found her.  Maybe caught a glimpse of her, if she had dyed her hair a lighter shade of brown, almost blonde.  Random pregnant dream.  After dwelling on that dream, I decided to bust out my blue green kyanites and do something with them.  They work best on 26g wire, which is such a pain to work with on anything other than earrings.  Hopefully the bigger stones are better drilled so I can at least make 1 necklace out of it.  But here are the little pretties from this morning.  Not sure if I like the design or not.

Kyanite is typically a blue stone, but it also comes in orange, black, and indigo.  I think these are closer to indigo, but they definitely have a blue green tint to them.  I couldn’t see it clearly under my lights at the apartment, but once I got outside and under the sun, they are actually really gorgeous.  Kyanite is believed to open and align all of the chakras, which is nice if you have any that are blocked.  Apparently I need to work on my root chakra.  Kyanite also does not need to be cleansed because it doesn’t retain any negative energy.  That’s always a plus, especially for us noobs who don’t know how to cleanse stones properly.  Honestly, I like to toss them into the tumbler for a good polish for the metal and cleansing for the stones.  No idea if it works or not, but the intention is there. 😉


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