Nesting Overdrive

My epically awesome birthday present is still sitting somewhere in China.  My birthday is tomorrow, but FedEx says it will arrive on Thursday by 4:30pm.  Ooo, I’m so excited!

My nesting instincts have gone into epic overdrive this weekend.  We finally decided to go with a crib made of rubber wood, rather than pine.  Then we went to check out a local furniture store for a dresser and we both fell in love with all of the gorgeous, solid wood furniture.  Later on in the future, when we have a house, we will definitely come back for a bedroom set.  They have an awesome variety of storage beds.  We narrowed down our decision to 2 dressers, either 40″ wide or 50″, depending how the crib looks in the front room and how much extra space we have.  I forgot to take into consideration the floor lamp, but that just means I have to move my jewelry armoire into the dance corner.  Not a big deal.  They have a 20 drawer craft dresser I would like to take a look at.  Once we have a house, I think I’ll show them my pink organizer thing and help me make something custom for my craft room.  These pink things are the best things ever for my chainmaille supplies. I’m really annoyed how nothing else works. >.<

I’ve decided that my craft room will have to have the IKEA bachelor table because I need something cheap I can hammer on without feeling bad about killing it.  Then I’ll probably upgrade to something from Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Hehee.  If I could have a short cabinet with doors on the bottom, then the printmaker’s drawers (probably 2″-3″ high), that would be ideal.  Rocks in their respective boxes would go on the shelves behind the doors, then the drawers would be chainmaille supplies.  See?  Perfect.  Someday… after the babies are old enough not to put things in their mouths. 😛


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