A Crib!

It didn’t fit inside Jesse’s car.

It didn’t fit inside Mom’s car.

So we strapped the back piece to the top of Jesse’s car with the rest of the pieces scattered between his car and Mom’s. My life will never be boring again because I opted for an interesting life over the pursuit of happiness. More on that when it’s not 3am.

It’s a very grand crib. The poster might need to move. The jewelry armoire is beautiful beside it. I can fit a 40″ wide dresser without moving anything. it would be a squeeze, but definitely doable. We may just need to go taller on the dresser. We’ll see what our options are once we’re ready to choose. The height on the dresser we like is about 52″. The poster might not need to move. The crib is the focal point of that wall since we have that and not a TV. I’ll have a better feeling about this room once the crib is assembled. Oh geez, getting the crib mattress from the store to here is going to interesting. Grrr.


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