Getting Closer

My iPad has left China and is in Memphis!!! Whoo hoo!

It wasn’t easy to justify buying it, but once Jesse put in the order, I was jumping up and down so much that I went to clean the kitchen to burn off the happy energy.  It’ll be handy while making jewelry and rocking the baby to sleep.  Eh, maybe not so much with the baby, but I can load my classical music onto it for him.  We’ll see what the best way to utilize it will be.  But I’m already planning to watch all of my jewelry videos on it since I can only sit in front of the computer for so long.  I also want to try out the video feature and start taking more video.  The possibilities are endless at this point.  Whoo hoo!

Hui.1 will here in two months and a stone’s throw.

People keep asking me if I’m excited or ready for a baby. Honestly, he’s coming whether I like it or not so what is there left to feel? It’ll be nice to be able to see past my stomach, wear normal clothes, and not be so clumsy. But it has been interesting to feel him squirming inside and kicking me while I’m working. I’m nonchalant about it enough that the inquisitive people get discouraged and leave me alone. I find it rather amusing. 😉

Third trimester hormones can kiss my pretty pregnant bellydancing ass though. I’ve been the most-anti people I’ve ever been. Jesse says it’s normal for me, but I’ve been immensely enjoying my hermit time nesting, playing Diablo, and not socializing. That’s pretty much been most of July. My 30th birthday was yesterday and I didn’t want a party or gathering of any kind. Very unusual since I do at least SOMETHING for my birthday. Eh, I guess it’s losing it’s hype now. All I really want is a giant fudge cake. Maybe with cheesecake like Cheesecake Factory’s 30th Anniversary Cheesecake. Best fudge and cheesecake ever. I need to make a list of food Jesse needs to bring me while I’m in the hospital. 😉

The diet hasn’t been so bad. I’m limited on fruit, rice, and fried stuff but it’s okay. I can cheat between lunch and dinner so yesterday I was nibbling on the frosting of a cupcake my mom bought me. Only bad a bite of actual cake. And the frosting was light and whipped, not buttercream. But yeah, the worst part is not having a ton of fruit and rice. Trader Joe’s has been a lifesaver with their frozen chicken breasts, no-nitrate hot dogs and chicken sausage. I need to make a run there this week for more meat.

So yeah, don’t ask me how I’m feeling about my incoming bundle of Hui & Jesse. You won’t get an exciting answer.


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