Ooo Shiny!

I had some time before leaving for the office to put my chainmaille containers back into the pink organizer drawers.  Jesse said I can just buy more jewelry armoires to accommodate my ring storage later on.  Now I have to be on the look out for ones with shallow drawers.  Probably 3″ at the most.  Anything more than that would be excessive and a waste of space.  He also said when we find a house, my plastic bead boxes containing all my rocks have priority in the cabinets.  Hopefully there will be cabinets, but yay!  I have the best husband ever! 😀 😀 😀

So I organized the two drawers by ring type.  All the specialty rings (square, twisted, and diamond shaped wire) are on the right, while all the typical round rings are on the left.  I have to take a look inside my rose gold and yellow gold drawers in the armoire to see if they need to be moved back into the pink ones.  I doubt it since I don’t have nearly as much inventory vs silver.  At least that armoire is well utilized. 😉  I’ll baby proof better it as Hui.1 starts pulling himself up on stuff, walking, and climbing.  Eh, the last 4 drawers are nearly empty, so it’s a matter of what can I safely store in there.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and explore the possibility of reorganizing to make it more efficient.  I’ve had these rings in these drawers for a good year or two, but never bothered to think about changing anything.  This was a very valuable lesson for me.  Organization is a constant learning process and while we’re still in the one-bedroom apartment, it’ll be a valuable tool when Hui.1 arrives.  Every time I think about moving and the process of packing, I want to purge all the small useless objects I can find because I simply don’t want to deal with it.  I got lucky when I moved into this apartment because I had time to haul stuff in and I was mostly unpacking wedding presents.  I didn’t have to deal with packing the china in such a way that it wouldn’t break during transport.  Yes, the next move will be interesting and I’ll have a kid in tow. Oh what fun that will be.  I should get a head start throwing crap away.  That will also make my husband happy. 😉


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