The Power of Love… and He-Man

Yesterday I decided I was going to spend my child rearing years reassessing my style and what kind of legacy I want to leave behind while I focus on my family.  I also decided to focus on my “Chainmaille with a Hui-Twist” collection because it embodies me the most and is what I wanted to do with all of my chainmaille after I absorbed all I could on that basic left brain level.  The next step was to figure out how to adorn it and I was so happy to have Aislyn of Urban Maille as my guide into the next level of ascension.  I’ve mentioned my creative plateau before, but I’ll link to it again for significance.  The early part of 2008 was when I decided to take my jewelry to the next level, and OMG, it really, really did.  By 2010, I got a little lost, but now that my personal life has settled down into married life and soon-to-be motherhood, it’s nice to be somewhat back in action.  Jesse has made a huge difference in my creative mojo.  It’s wonderful to have such a supportive and adoring husband. 😀

I made this bracelet after spending the weekend with Jesse.1 and being surrounded by friends and family.  Embodiment of all the love and mushy stuff that was spewing out that weekend.  I worked on it Saturday night well past midnight if I recall correctly.  I have an idea for another necklace just like this with the rose gold accents, but I’ve been hesitating for some reason.  I should just make it and see what happens. 😉

Last night, I decided I wanted a Double Double from In-N-Out (one of the few fast food items I can eat) and figured Jesse could take care of his own dinner.  It was still really hot so after scarfing down the deliciousness with a tall glass of milk, I decided to take a nap (yay for pregnancy laziness), played a round of Diablo (yay for killing monsters), then eventually got myself settled at the eating table with my iPad perched and ready to watch some He-Man.  Played Emile Autumn to get into the mood while Jesse tinkered with the CD drive he dissected out of my old computer.  Once I got the initial right brain stuff going to the point that I knew what I wanted, I switched over to watching He-Man and explained to Jesse that I haven’t seen ALL the episodes because I was 4 and only remembered probably a quarter of them.  When they were released on DVD in 2005, I was ecstatic and spent a good chunk of time watching them over and over as background noise or zoning out after a long day at the office.  Even my mom figured out whenever I was watching He-Man, I was exhausted and recharging my batteries.  So you can imagine the happiness of being able to watch He-Man and make jewelry at the same time again. 😉

I ended up making this necklace.  The focal bead is a kyanite, and it’s really difficult to polish kyanite like this because it has two different MOH hardnesses on the vertical and horizontal axis.  This was the very first strand of beads I bought from my Crazy Pirate Rock Lady. 😀 😀 😀

Love really is a many splendid thing.  You can’t sustain a marriage solely on love, but it’s definitely more than just icing on the cake.  I know just exactly how blessed I am and I am thankful for everything everyday, even on the days when he’s being grouchy and annoying. 😉


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