Nesting Full Throttle

I bought myself a Dyson DC24 tonight.  It’s the special edition red one and the last one on the shelf at Target.  Yeah, I’m insane to be drooling over a vacuum cleaner, but with the baby coming and the current one so not up to par (yes, I sound very snobby, but it’s amusing) with MY standards and it stinks, yeah… and I’m in love.  I already vacuumed under the eating table and the nooks and crannies of the kitchen.  Heck, I found more glass from the broken wine bottle that fell off the fridge a few months ago.  Totally justified purchase.

At least I’m not the only one going insane with the nesting… my dad bought 4 more finches, 3 angelfish (he already killed one by feeding them too much), and 1 more goldfish.  And he got his train tracks fixed and bought another train to drive opposite of his Amtrak.

Okay, yes, I have been making some jewelry!  It’s a miracle!  Haha, okay, maybe not so much.  A friend has a wedding on Friday and I’m her emergency jewelry artist.  Hehe.  I’m really happy with the way these earrings turned out.  Now to extend the chain on the necklace and take pretty pictures for the portfolio tomorrow.  I need to clean up my workbench area too… >.<

Pasadena Bead Show is this weekend… need to get ready for that too.  Then the baby shower is next weekend.  After that I can finally get a crib mattress.  We’ve been waiting to see what we get out of the baby shower before buying anything besides a crib.  So, finally starting to get ready for Hui.1’s arrival.  Oh boy…


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