Creative Nesting

Yay!  I’m finally getting stuff done.  I finished a garnet necklace I’ve been procrastinating on, simply because I’ve been lazy. It feels good to make some progress, even if it’s just finishing up little projects here and there.  I also finished a tourmaline necklace I’ve been neglecting since before I left for Georgia in June.  It feels good to get things done, even if it isn’t 100% creative.  I need to remind myself that it’s okay to have a few off days and be able to recharge my batteries.  It’s just hard because you want to run full speed ahead, but stuff gets in the way.  One way I’m thinking about how to conquer that hurdle is to keep my jewelry to-do list nearby and read it to remind myself of what I could do instead…

  • Make existing designs in different colors
  • Basic Chainmaille Straight Up (all left brain work there)
  • Make chains for pendants
  • Finish any non-finished projects

Generally, the idea is to get me motivated to get off my butt and not be lazy.  Unfortunately, my energy levels vary from day to day and the humidity is NOT helping me very much.  Monday and Tuesday were miserable.  I also had food coma on Monday because I picked up a yummy carne asada burrito from my favorite Mexican fast food place.  Hehehe.  It’s exciting to find something new I can eat.  I seriously can’t wait for this baby to come out all healthy and happy because I miss pasta and tons of fruit and CHOCOLATE.  I swear I’m going to spend a week eating nothing but bread. >.<

Last week I decided to consolidate my jewelry boxes and take my childhood jewelry box back to Dad’s house.  It can live in my old room until we get a house.  Unfortunately, I still cannot part with the workbench in the corner because sometimes I want to work near the window and it’s the perfect photography station.  So I told Jesse I’m going to focus on cleaning it up.  I’m going to try and move my pink organizers out there so my supplies are within better reach.  I also want to check out Harbor Freight’s wooden tool box if they still have it.  Oh, they do!  It might be worth buying or Jesse just needs to suck up his annoyance with the pink things being plastic, pink, and ugly.  I haven’t found anything suitable to replace them, or else I would have already.  He’s been pretty good about my excessive nesting, so it shouldn’t be a problem.  That will free up some space under my desk so I can properly have my computer facing the right way.  Maybe that will help make uploading pictures from my camera easier… I can actually see the SD reader slot and not fumble with it so much.

All of this in the name of nesting and maximizing my creative potential.  It’s hard to be organized, but I’m getting there.  I need to take out all of the stuff in the cabinet that is not a solid box or container and organize it better.  I hate stuff getting in the way of other stuff I actually need.  Argh!


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