Epic Saturdays

When we have a house, I want to do Epic Saturdays. Basically have friends and family come over to hang out, toss the kids together to entertain themselves, and we adults can chill, cook, and play board games. Jesse.1 turns 8 next weekend and my best friend’s daughter turns 9 at the end of September. They’ll make good babysitters simply because they were happy accidents and the adults are just starting to have babies because it’s a more suitable age…

I’ll probably do it once a month and it’ll be “bring your own booze”. My sister-in-law does Epic Breakfast every Sunday and I basically stole her idea. Hehehe. But hopefully we’ll be able to get my father-in-law and his son to come out more because my guess our house would be more centrally located for the family since we’ll be ideally staying near the 57 freeway.

I know, a house will be a year or 2 or 3 years away but it’s good to dream. Hopefully the housing market will go down enough for us to find something. I want to decorate the girls’ room in Simply Shabby Chic… I warned Jesse that’s what I’d do when we have girls. Or it would just be Jesse.1 but that’s no fun. I suppose I can decorate the guest room too. Hehehe. Boys are easier in that regard but I want my pretty florals. And you can only “plan” so much before reality rears its ugly head and you realize some of this stuff really doesn’t work. I learned that when I moved in with Jesse and then started the baby prep. I took my childhood jewelry box back to Mom and Dad’s until we get a house. But even then I’ll need to find room for that. >..< At least we have a dining room table. The only real furniture we'll need will be a new bed and mattress. The rest really isn't necessary. Eh, or he'll go nuts so at least the living room looks nice. Maybe we'll have a coffee table in there but I still doubt it until the kids are at a reasonable age. I do at least want to have a central computer and homework area so the kids can be monitored instead of hiding in their rooms. Bedrooms will be for quiet activities like reading and hiding and daydreaming. No toys in the bedrooms though. I need to be able to toss them in there for time-outs and not destroy the room. Books and beds are pretty durable and will do more harm to them than the other way around. Eating at Chinese restaurants will be interesting. I'll have a rule to try everything at least once so I don't have to be a nag. I never wanted to try anything because I kept getting nagged about it. So each kid needs to find something they will agree to eat a lot of and then try everything once. That's fair, I think. Jesse.1 loves her rice and fish but other than that, still picky. I need to figure out how to beat the picky out of my brood. Jesse's baby brother loved the fried sesame balls and even ate the pan fried turnip cake. But kids eat more at that age for some reason. Then it's a decade of noodles and macaroni and cheese. Oh yeah, I'm banning kid food. No chicken fingers, boring pizza, and Mac and cheese. Bleh. You eat what I serve for dinner or go hungry. Mean but effective.


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