Weekend Recap

I need to make more Chainmaille Straight Up pieces in yellow and rose gold. My favorite new pregnancy dress is a very happy tropical blue that begs for gold jewelry. I’ll post pictures of the baby shower once Allison uploads them to her Dropbox. 😉

So I haven’t completely convinced Jesse to buy the perfect drawer cabinet yet but he’s pretty close to a yes. I got a very positive “maybe”. Friday was my super duper epic cleaning day. I tossed in Ironman 1 and dealt with most of my pile in the bedroom. Mostly the clean laundry and most of the stuff on the floor. Still have a small pile to deal with when I have the proper motivation and background noise. Then I dealt with the front room.

The stuff to the left of the crib needs to be donated (except for the wedding album, of course) while I shoved a lot of baby stuff under the crib itself and under the extra chair that’s sitting on the right of the crib. My first Christmas present from Jesse (a strange superhero Tigger with goggles) and a stuffed lion I’ve had since I was about 2. Poor thing survived the summer I kept throwing up. I threw up on him and took him to the local dry cleaners to see if they could do anything to help. I really think they hand washed him. I love that damn lion. The cuddle blankets also live there until we get the dresser. The dresser will go to the left of the crib where the temporary donation pile is. Jesse needs to put away his toolbox because I can’t figure out how to close it. The rest of the dance corner will be neater because we’ll actually get to use the carseat/carrier. The stepping stool will go away when I don’t have to reach the AC unit. Then maybe I can still dance over there. 😛

This is my new workspace. Still a work in progress to get the bottom part clean and cleared of all stuff. Trying to keep my husband happy while maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. I have to say that minimalism saves money, sanity, and probably marriages. My favorite blogger declares herself as someone who is the opposite of a hoarder. She also states a concept similar to my mother’s… If money can’t fix it, you’re screwed. So the moral of the story is be good and save a lot of money. She also points out that women generally get screwed when they leave a budding career to have kids. And while it’s revered for women to have babies and take a short maternity leave (it really SHOULD NOT be revered but that’s American society for you), stay-at-home moms are seriously undervalued and almost completely labelled as lazy women looking to marry rich so they don’t have to work. Haha, sure. No one but a SAHM knows just how hard it can be. Revere that, people. Sheesh.  So yeah, just looking at half the stuff under my table makes me wonder what was I thinking?  A Snoopy lunch box?  What am I going to do with it?????  Ugh.  Yeah… general feelings of annoyance over more junk and less money.  Bleh.

The weekend was an overall success though.  Jesse.1 and my best friend’s daughter got to have a sleepover, helped Jesse make raspberry upside down cake that turned into raspberry pile because they overloaded it with too many raspberries, and we had my baby shower today.  Hui.1 is well loved and will have lots of playmates once he’s old enough to know how to play with other kids.  My other best friend is 2 months pregnant behind me, which is funny because we’re 2 months apart also.  No, we did not plan this.  Funny how life works that way. 😉



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