Monday Musings

I have the urge to learn how to carve wax and play with molten metal (i.e. casting).  No idea why but maybe part of it is that I want my future backyard to be part blacksmith studio. 😛

I have a few things I want to get done… Mondays are always the day I plan for the week.  So here’s my to do list:

  • Pick up Dominion and iPad covers from mailbox
  • Buy crib mattress
  • Take jewelry photos
  • Post on Etsy
  • Post on Urban Maille
  • Organize chainmaille instructions in pretty Martha Stewart file folders
  • Sort through baby shower stuff
  • Clean out car for baby crap
  • Clean up office
  • Clean up leftover stuff at Mom & Dad’s

I have a significant collection of Swarovski crystal figurines.  I have the original 2 that I bought in Austria as a teenager, but my collection over time has gotten lost in the piles and piles of stuff in what used to be the old office.  I might be overzealous in my attempts to actually go through all this stuff, but I want to find all of those figurines. /sigh  Being a hoarder doesn’t pay.  And, I should attempt this cleaning before September while I’m still mobile. >.<

Of course, I got home tonight and went into “it’s hot” + food coma.  Killed a few monsters on Diablo, and worked on a chainmaille order while watching Season 6 of Buffy.  Got 2 necklaces listed on Etsy, so it really hasn’t been a total loss of an evening.  Click on the picture for the Etsy listing. 🙂

All and all, not a bad day.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 😉


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