Finding My Roots

Before I started chainmaille, I used to make a lot of bead and chain necklaces.  This started when my sister and I discovered a new bead store around the time I was probably 12 or 13.  That was my introduction to jump rings, sterling silver wire, and chain.  Those designs eventually trickled down over the years, ninja-ing their way into newer designs, with little chainmaille bits here and there.  I suppose I still have it in me… it just comes out differently than I expect.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to be more cohesive with my designs and style, but I kinda think all of my creations have my signature style somewhere embedded in them.  So maybe that is enough.  Eh, I can at least be consistent with the photos that are posted on Etsy.  Need to do another shoot with the chainmaille soon.  But, I can say that I’m living up to my own motto…

“If art is a window into the soul, then my jewelry says I am strong, beautiful, and sometimes whimsical.”


One thought on “Finding My Roots

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