Ooo, Cute Clothes!

I am no fashionista by any means, but I do know how to dress and shop for clothes that properly fit.  While it’s a challenge to shop when I’m wandering the mall with my dad, I’ve mastered the art of trying things on and purchasing them within 10 to 15 minutes.  I do this mostly at Nordstrom’s and Lucky.  For Talbots, my mom orders a bunch of stuff online and I know my sizing well enough to avoid returning anything to the store.  I only wear jeans when I have to (i.e. during the winter) because I prefer the freedom of cotton sweats and skirts.  Come on, I’m a bellydancer for crying out loud.  Jeans are too restrictive for my free spirit. 😉

XCVI is a brand I discovered at my sisters’ favorite boutique in Maui.  Perfect poplin cotton capris that are oh so comfy to wear on the island and in Southern California.  I think shopping for XCVI is what I miss the most about Hawaii.  I’ve been fortunate enough to find them scarcely at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and a local boutique called Ear Abstracts.  Shopping at EA also led me to start falling in love with Karen Kane.  I recognized the brand before, because my mother has bought several pieces from KK and I happened to swipe a gorgeous black skirt with embroidered red roses outlined in gold from her (it sings to my gothy heart).  Two of my KK dresses are great pregnancy dresses and before I discovered just how comfortable maternity skirts can be, I was wearing two KK skirts over my little bump over and over and over.  They both perfectly match my favorite spring/summer XCVI tunic.  Jesse calls that tunic my ridiculous outfit because of all the fringe.  Here’s a picture of me wearing it at a friend’s bridal shower with my signature mix of Hui Hui Designs jewelry and fine jewelry.  This flower set has been my pregnancy staple for some reason…

I don’t look like I’m 5 months pregnant, do I?  Hehehe.  Hui.1 just barely started to really show.  Even while we were in Georgia, my bump wasn’t very big (we left about 2 weeks after this photo was taken).  Not until lately, but even then some people can’t tell that I’m pregnant.  No, I don’t get it either…

I’m sidetracking too much… here are pictures of my latest shopping loot.  Pretty top and skirt from XCVI that were on sale and an adorable Karen Kane dress I scored for $29.  You seriously can’t beat that!

Since we’re on the subject of clothes, I bought this caplet and returned it because Jesse is right; Southern California simply does not have the weather to wear something as luxe as this.  I was a sad panda, but the money back in my wallet was happier.  Jesse made fun of me and asked if I was a mail-order-bride from Russia.  Eh, I’m sure the faux fur trim would have started bothering me, but it would have been so chic with the baby on one arm.  Grrr.

After my epic online shopping spree, I decided to poke around the XCVI website, and look what I found!!!  Oh geez, I’m glad I’ll be able to fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes once Hui.1 is out.  Assuming I don’t gain any weight from all the food I miss eating!  I’ll need to pace myself for sure, but I’ll also be breastfeeding and hiding for the first month.  So all should be well and I can start getting ready for fall and winter.  But, can you imagine me wearing these?  I thought so too.  They are supposed to be released to retailers in September or October.  I already asked EA to tell me if they get any of these pieces in, but I really want the tunic and the skirt.  Not to wear together, but it’s my favorite berry burgundy. ♥ ♥ ♥  The beige skirt would be nice, simply because of the cute lace trim.  I’m such a sucker for lace and frilly things.


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