Love and Friendship

I enjoy attending weddings. I do not enjoy planning weddings. If all goes well (Jesse and I have an agreement of NO DIVORCE EVER), I never have to put on another wedding EVER. My friend of 15 years got married yesterday. It was scorchingly hot but she was beautiful and we all had a great time. It was nice to see new friends and old. Simple things like that make you appreciate life more.  This is the only picture I could find of us… it’s 3 years old, but you get the idea. 😉

Once we get a house, it’ll be easier to say, “hey, crash with me for the night.” One of my long lost friends who’s been holed up about really far away was debating if she should drive home or find a place to crash for the night. I would have offered but I’m glad I didn’t. I spent the first 4 hours of sleep on the futon because Jesse turned the AC onto fan instead of low AC. So sleeping in the bedroom was a big fat no… I can’t sleep in a puddle of my own sweat. >.< I felt bad, but sometimes there are circumstances that call for making hard decisions. It’ll be harder to entertain with the crib in the front room, but it’s a necessary evil. We’ll figure it out eventually. When Hui.1 can still sleep in the bassinet, we can get away with him in the bedroom.

With my new priorities, I want to make my home s safe haven for friends and family alike. Mostly child-proof so the kids can run around and play hide-and-seek upstairs. That’s always what kids want to do in a house. So I would just lock the rooms I don’t want them in and then let them roam free. I want to make all the crafty supplies and instruction manuals within their reach so if they want to learn how to knit or cross stitch, the tools are right at their fingertips. It’ll take awhile to figure out how to make that feasible but I can do it.  Maybe an IKEA bookshelf with baskets or something.

It was nice seeing my long lost friend and properly introducing her to Jesse. She came to the wedding, but it was so chaotic, he only remembers her from the cute pictures of the 3 of us at the banquet. She said I’ve been a loyal friend and he won’t find anyone more loyal than me. It was really nice to hear her say that. We all need a nice, genuine compliment like that once in awhile. It’s nice to know we can stay in touch without constant contact. Months will go by then we’ll either call or send a text and pick up where we last left off. I adore friendships like that. Simple. No titles. No expectations other than, “you are my friend.” The more high maintenance ones… I haven’t been able to figure out just how to make it work with my new life.  I don’t know how to make my actions count. Priorities change. Life happens. People change. The best thing I can do is create a warm and loving home they’re welcome in. It’s the nurturing thing Cancers do to show love. Cook a good meal, sleep in a cozy, warm bed, and supply giggles over a hot beverage. 😉

Here’s one of the cute pictures from the wedding. 😀


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