I have a love-hate relationship with copper. It’s an inexpensive metal but tarnishes too quickly and has a certain character that takes time to appreciate. Now that I have my cabinet and the copper rings within better accessibility, I feel the innate need to use them more. And I just bought another 5 oz of my favorite size/shape because it’s so darn cheap. It’s a deeper color than rose gold which will always be my favorite metal color. Paired with the right bead colors, it works well. While I was eating my early morning snack (waking up in the middle of the night is bad enough, but HUNGRY??  I’m ready for this baby to make his debut), I was staring at my collection of Grace Beads to further figure out my new collection of glass beads and chainmaille bracelets. I’m keeping it simple for now, then once it takes off, I’ll go back and toss in some coordinating beads. But my muse says to keep it simple for now and focus on this. 😉 Anyway, I started pulling out my rose and yellow gold rings to see if they would work with a certain pink. Negative. Too light. I pulled out the copper and BAM, it was perfect. Except I had the wrong size rings so I ordered the right size in bulk because I do use this size a lot.

With fall coming, I feel more drawn to the warmer shades of the season. Deep maroons and burgundies, heck, even brown. Maybe I’m tired of the cool colors I’ve been wearing this entire pregnancy and this is my way of finding a better grounding and connection with Mother Nature.  Yes, I sound like a crazy, dirty hippie but I’m very fond of hot water and keeping my clothes on for the most part.  I’ll blame my nesting hormones this time. 😉

Here are some copper pieces I’ve made over the years.  Time for more!

One of my favorite chainmaille bracelets is a mix of copper and silver… it reminds me of a barber shop’s twisty thing that I don’t know the proper name for.


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