Yay, Organizing!

My cabinet finally arrived on Monday after a particularly annoying stint with UPS and my apartment number…

Jesse set it up Tuesday night since all I could do was slide it inside and knock it down on its side…

First thing I did was stuff the bottom drawers with all my clean baby stuff. It’s a good thing baby stuff is small and I don’t have a ton of stuff. I have drawers exclusively for onesies, outfits, PJ’s, and bibs/burp cloths/receiving blankets. I haven’t washed the burp cloths or receiving blankets yet, so we’ll see if I need to keep them separate from the bibs and cloth wipes or not. I’m really starting to squee over all the cute baby stuff. Oy. Still have a ton of things to do before he arrives and I’ve been waking up more frequently at night, either because I’m hot, need to run to the bathroom, or general discomfort. Yes, Southern California has been scorchingly hot, so much that I spent the weekend sleeping a few hours on the futon with the AC on full blast because I was waking up in a puddle of sweat. Heck, it’s been so hot, I chopped off my hair for a flirty Mom ‘do. Jesse wasn’t thrilled, but it will grow out and I wear it fairly well. It’s just weird to have hair so short.

More on the jewelry supply part of the cabinet later, definitely with pictures! 😀


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