Peddling Around The House

Jesse has a jujitsu tournament later this afternoon, so we’re bumming around the apartment until we need to leave after lunch.  I am taking advantage of the cool weather before it gets too hot.  I promised him I’d tidy up the apartment. 😛  Housekeeping isn’t an easy job.  I understand why Penelope Trunk says your house will be cleaner if you have a housewife instead of a career woman as a wife.  I’m stuck somewhere between those two, so yeah, the apartment gets messy until I put actual effort into cleaning.  Usually it’s Monday evenings after work, but I slacked off this week.  That’s what lazy Saturday mornings are for.



I wiped down the bathroom counter, cleaned the mirror for the first time (damn, I love cleaning supplies from METHOD), and made room for the changing pad.  Since there isn’t any room left over there, all of my jewelry tumbling needs to be done in the kitchen.  Annoying, but whatever.  It’s better in there since the Dawn is there and the AC/Fan blocks out the noise if necessary.  I actually do like the sound of the tumbler.  Reminds me of a waterfall.  I need to get another barrel so I can run two at once.  Jesse wants me to get rid of one, but it still lives under the bathroom sink. 😉

My jewelry supplies almost always migrate towards the eating table.  It’s simply more comfortable there for the most part.  And it’s easier to get up and out of the chair since the workbench chair is more of a bar stool.  But I wiped it down, dried it (marble needs to be dried immediately after wiping), and added some fresh place mats.  Eventually I need to figure out how to get them to be nice and white again.  There are tea stains stuck in them.  And yes, the iPad gets its own place mat, sometimes replaced by Dominion cards. 😀  I won 2 rounds last night and I didn’t take notes about what cards we randomly pulled.  Grrr.  But whenever the game is more about buys and actions, I seem to outsmart my honey bun.  SCORE!

My workbench is taking shape very nicely.  Slowly getting ready for a much needed photoshoot of a few new pieces.  Then it’s back to either the designing board or marketing board.  Probably marketing.  I have stuff I need to post on Etsy and then Urban Maille.  The busy-ness of an artist will never truly cease, but it’s good for the soul. ♥  It’s also teaching me good lessons about time management and why it’s beneficial to be organized.  I really am organized, but it’s chaotic organizing.  The cabinet has definitely helped though.  Here’s some baby stuff already nicely tucked away… I can almost guarantee it won’t be this pretty after he arrives. :-O

My chainmaille supplies are so pretty.  Everything is within my reach and nicely tucked away.  Being this organized makes my heart sing. ♪ ♥ ♫  Now to finish tidying up below the workbench and the hall cabinet.  Getting there… slowly. 😉


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