The Hui Hui Process of Earring Design

Jesse wanted to go out since we’ll be staying home a lot in the near future.  So I decided on trying out The Filling Station Cafe in Old Town Orange.  It was actually pretty good with a really great atmosphere.  I had a really yummy meatloaf that apparently had a little bit of a kick to it and topped with BBQ sauce that I initially thought was ketchup.  Of course, I tried to get as much of it off as I could be I despise ketchup.  But the remnants of the BBQ sauce was actually pretty good and more than enough to help flavor the meat.  I’ll go back with Hui.1 when I’m allowed to have chocolate.  It was really hard to decide between the cheese fondue and the meatloaf.  But definitely going back for chocolate fondue.  Way cheaper than The Melting Pot and it was a lovely non-yucky summer evening to be eating out on the patio. 😀

Came home and got settled in, then decided to sit down with my teeny tiny rings to figure out how to make new earrings.  I busted out my really awesome garnets and just started playing.  I switched on some Emile Autumn to stimulate some right brain function and just tinkered without any real direction, other than, “Huh, let’s use these pretty garnets.”  I started noting to myself not to buy any more teeny tiny briolettes.  So annoying. 😯  So I started with a pair of very basic, kinda boring earrings.  I carried on, starting the base of another pair, then took a shower, and got ready for bed.  All the while watching Season 7 of Buffy. ♥

And these were the fruits of my labor for the night.

Pregnant brain has really gotten to me, because I don’t know when I decided to COMBINE the two together.  I really think it was this morning, but don’t quote me on that.  I finished one earring before heading to the office at least.  I assembled the other one after I got home.  Now I just need to take pretty pictures and take them for a test run tomorrow.  😉

I really surprised myself with this pair of earrings and how it all came together.  But the intention was there, so that helped a lot.  I haven’t channeled myself like this for a very long time and it felt really good.  As though I still AM capable of this much creative and abstract thought.  I need to remember to write this all down so I can re-create it later.  One artist, I forget who, has a “jewelry cookbook” of designs ready for production.  I have a few designs already written down but I need to be more consistent with it so I can just start whipping out jewelry.  But, I do prefer the slow, tried, and true method of tinkering and playing vs simply cranking out designs.  But it’s good to have notes.  I also need to consolidate my notes.  More organization.  Bleh.

But yay!  EARRINGS!!! 😉


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