Spent the day with my two oldest friends.  It was magical.

We haven’t hung out exclusively as the three of us since the weekend before my wedding, as we were stuffing my wedding favors and pigging out on pizza and this crazy pizza bread chocolate dessert thingy from Domino’s.  We were also watching some movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera… don’t remember the name, but it was surprisingly decent.  Sahara had probably one of the worst pregnancies in history and spent the entire pregnancy throwing up almost everything except french fries.  It was not a good time for her and she missed three weddings.  The first wedding, she was in the hospital for dehydration, the second wedding, she was having contractions, and around my wedding, baby was hanging out in the birth canal, but didn’t come out until almost two weeks later.  2011 was a roller coaster year for all of us, so I feel that it’s safe to say that we haven’t all synced together like we did today in at least two years.  That was the magical part of the day.

Sahara and Kandle are far better mystics than I am, even though I still have a lot to figure out; mostly what exactly my skills are.  Kandle is Queen of stone energies, while Sahara reads auras.  They dubbed me “Klingon Warship” because I shield so much that they can’t read any energy off of me.  Kandle has a better time with me because she sets her energy radar on whatever my frequency is, but it’s still far fetched because it’s so low.  It’s interesting that after all these years, they finally DO feel something off of me, but they’re sensing the baby, not me.  I was very amused by this, but Kandle did mention that Hui.1 should have a very strong water element, considering that he punched holes through my shields so they could sense him.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens after I give birth… will my shields go back to normal or will the holes still be there?

As far as my skills go, my “Spidey” sense for picking out the stones with good energy is innate.  I just do it.  If a strand of beads doesn’t “speak” to me, I set it down and leave it alone.  If it makes me go “Ooo”, it’s a good strand.  My Crazy Pirate Rock Lady had a small strand of rubies and I just could not set it down.  It so came home with me.  So yeah, innate rock sense.  I’ve toyed with water scrying a bit (duh, super duper water element here), and the only thing I got out of it is that I need to be bellydancing in order to stay creative with my jewelry.  Which is true, even though I haven’t been dancing since Sashi left for her Summer Down Under Tour.  I’m extremely sensitive to negative energy, though.  Enough that any taste of it makes my skin crawl and I want to run away screaming.

Today was nice because it felt normal.  Normal as in the three of us are happy and syncing together.  The only explanation I have for this phenomenon is that there’s nothing significantly stressing any of us out that’s taking away from that happy, “la la la” energy.  It was a genuine happy to be together energy and it was nice.  It gives me hope that no matter where life takes us, we can still come together and commune like usual. ♥

I have to do some research, but Hui.1 has made an interesting twist in my selection of stones this year.  I’ve been seriously craving tourmaline of all colors (mostly multicolored but still, it’s been one heck of a year for tourmaline), iolite, aqaumarine, charoite, garnet, sunstone, and moonstone.  Oh, and I prefer things that are BLUE.  My favorite maternity dresses are blue (and a purple one because it’s comfy and beats the So Cal heat).  Geez, I feel like a Smurf.  But I wonder what this baby is trying to tell me with all these stones… 😕


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