This Week…

Jesse.1 is coming for a visit this weekend… which means this week is a good excuse to tidy up the apartment.  Even I’ve been lagging on the maintenance front.  Blah.  But, I really want to get the apartment in tip top condition before the baby arrives, because then it’ll really be a mad house.  So, that’s the goal for the week.  I want to start tonight and at least get the changing pad and baby basket (car carrier) stroller out of the boxes.  The changing pad will go to Mom and Dad’s and the stroller needs to find a home.  I’m almost tempted to get another layer of shoe rack, but I think it’s too heavy for me to lift, so I’ll wait until post-baby.

After I get my cleaning tasks out of the way tonight, I need to sit down and write out those two earring designs into my jewelry cookbook.  I’ve already started consolidating my notebooks (1 at least), so that needs to be put away as well.  I’ve been very good about resisting buying new journals and notebooks.  Believe me, as a self-designated office supply whore, it’s been really hard resisting the back-to-school supplies, Martha Stewart journals, and Shabby Chic journals. :-X

I already have 3 orders for earrings, so I need to finish the project I really want to mail out before the baby comes.  If I’m lucky, I can get the earrings done also before the baby, but my friend doesn’t need them until the holidays, so I have some leeway.  Really, we’re done with baby stuff and it’s just playing the waiting game now.  Jesse insists we go out at least once during the week before we’re confined to the apartment.  I’m fine with that, regardless of the fact that I must insist that it is not Asian food unless it’s Hawaiian or Korean BBQ.  Hey now, I need my meat and Asian food is heavy on rice and noodles, unfortunately.  Besides, I just want a juicy hamburger or a steak I can sink my teeth into.  And a salad instead of french fries. /sigh  Soon… I will have all the carbs I want!  And a screaming newborn.  Oh boy…


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