My nerves are starting to kick in.  I’m not a fan of change, simply because I’ve never experienced it as much as most people my age have.  I never moved anywhere until I got married.  I think that just about sums it all up. 😛

Well, there are two very exciting things that are happening in the near future, and the source of these twisted, anxious nerves.  Duh, baby is coming… no sleep, lots of crying, too much cuteness, and lots of bodily fluids.  I’ve done everything I can to prepare for his arrival, but there’s nothing else I can do until he makes his debut into the world.  Priorities are shifting, dreams need to be put on hold, money needs to be more precisely counted and accounted for, etc.  Tucson will most likely be put on hold until maybe 2014… Jesse would consider going if Hui.1 travels well in the car.  If he doesn’t, then that’s a big fat no.  Honestly, I’m alright with that because I would like to figure out what direction I’m going in with the jewelry business and I’ve already found a lot of good stone suppliers without going to Tucson.  It’s just one of those dream vacations, but I need to secure my vision and my wallet before I embark on such an epic journey.

The other thing that’s got me all nervous is a brand spanking new project my chainmaille ring supplier will be launching within the next month or so.  I am one of their showcasing artists, which is why I’ve been motivated to post on Etsy a lot more than I normally do.  I know I’m fretting over nothing because I am ENOUGH.  My art is ENOUGH.  I am AWESOME and it shows through my jewelry designs.  These frazzled and anxious nerves are just my insecurities trying to take the fun out of it all.  I love designing and creating… sometimes it’s the listing and trying to sell myself that gets to me.  I’m sure that’s true of all artists who are trying to make a buck.  Sometimes I wish money wasn’t such a big deal.  But cars and housing are expensive and Jesse wants to pay as little interest as he can.  So, time to hoard as much money as possible. 😡

No, the world is not that bad… I’m just having a cow.  But the good thing about this week is that I finished the necklace and anklet set I’ve been trying to get out.  Now to send them to the tumbler and to hand polish the watch because I’m too lazy to remove the watch head because it’s such a pain to get on and off… the necklace reminds me of why I do this and why I will never give up.  It’s so slinky and gorgeously decadent.  I may need to make a few for myself.  I actually felt like Emily from Gilmore Girls, sans the Saint John suit.  So luscious.  And I was being a goofball yesterday morning… 😉


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