Tic… Tic… Tic…

And so begins part of my maternity leave…

Dad said I can stature coming into the office a bit later than the usual 8am. That’s good since I’ve been keeping lots of strange hours in the morning. Usually I’ll wake up around 3 or 4, get snack, lounge around, then fall back to sleep until about 7. Yesterday morning threw me in for a loop and I started cleaning and doing stuff and went back to sleep probably around 6 and didn’t get up until 7:30. So that was the trigger for the “hey, you can come in later now.”

Today, I slept for 2 hours, then went to sleep in the front room because the humidity has been so terrible. Slept for about 3 before going back to the bedroom. I think. Got up again around 4-4:30 for a light snack, tested out a new earring idea, then tried to go back to sleep, and utterly failed. And here I am. I’m wide awake. It’s really annoying. But I’m tackling all the stuff I listed on my to do list so it’s not all that bad. I just can’t do anything in the bedroom since hubby is sound asleep. Geez, I have no idea how he sleeps through all of my random getting up and disappearing during the night. Oh well, I learned to keep the hallway door open or else he freaks out and wakes up. One morning I was starving and decided to make myself a scramble with my favorite chicken sausage. I closed the door so the cooking noise wouldn’t wake him up and he got scared that I left or something. So I just leave it open so he knows I’m around. Come on, it’s hard to hide in 700 square feet. šŸ˜›

I’m starting to understand the vision changes that comes with pregnancy. My far sided vision has been getting kind of off so that explains the no reading, no typing, no small screen rules as part of the Chinese postpartum lockdown. Which means I need to get as much jewelry made as possible. Assuming my sore butt can handle that much sitting. Eh, I will do what I can and not stress over it. I’m supposed to be resting after all, right? Oy. I can’t sleep ALL DAY! At least all the baby stuff is out and ready and the cupboards are stocked with food. I can’t wait to be able to eat carbs without feeling guilty. This whole diabetic diet is for the birds. But it’s for the health of the baby and I only have a few more weeks to go. Bleh. I know he’s going to be at least 8 pounds. I was 8 pounds, Jesse was 7. And with the gestational diabetes, even though I’ve been good for the most part, I’m sure that will add to his total weight unless the low Papp A hormone cancels out the diabetes and he’s just naturally 8 pounds. I don’t know, this is all very confusing. But the Drs aren’t worried so that’s good for everyone. Just a few more weeks of cottage cheese…

And speaking of cottage cheese, I’m hungry again.


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