Happy Holiday Weekend!

Been a good weekend so far. My college best friend and her daughter came over for an afternoon of a light Russian lunch and pool time. Lunch consisted of cold cuts, cheese, veggies, and bread.  Along with my infamous garlic tomato dip with cream cheese to spread onto the bread.  Yum yum!  The pool was really nice even though my legs were exhausted afterwards. I was very buoyant with the belly… it was kinda weird.  The girls had a blast and almost a meltdown when they couldn’t play longer. But crisis somehow averted. Whew.

I got a lot of jewelry stuff done. Pretty shocked that I managed to finish that bug order I’ve been sitting on, made a pretty pendant, took awesome photos, listed a few things on Etsy, and had time to spare to tinker with new design ideas. Wow. Productive day and I even squeezed in a round of Dominion and made dinner. Crazy artist mommy housewife in the making I suppose. 😯

Listed these…

Haven’t listed these but soon…

Lenox.com has been sending me emails about sales and stuff lately but every time I browse their site to find a good deal on something pretty, I realize that my wedding pattern is the best to photograph my jewelry on. It serves it’s purpose twofold. It’s beautiful and it means something. It really was the best idea I ever had. 😀 I’m glad I picked that pattern as well. Such a sucker for lace. /drool Reminds me of the new XCVI tunic I’m in love with. See? So decadently pretty.

Oh yeah, and I am going to make this weave in GOLD! It’s decadent in silver but could you imagine a necklace in yellow gold?? Yes, my thoughts exactly. 😉

My local boutique special ordered a burgundy one for me. I wonder if they’ll get any other colors before I order more… Yes, a bit greedy but I’ll wait awhile. 😉 Not breast feeding friendly but that’s why you wear a tank top underneath. I have to figure out what kind of jewelry to wear with it though. I’m thinking lariat. I just ordered an awesome new jewelry book from a lady who used a lot of Grace Beads. I’m excited to get it and flip through the pictures. Apparently there are a lot! 😀 I’ve always wanted to make more lariats but they’re hard for me. No idea why. I think getting the right balance of chain and bead is the issue. I really think this will be a huge help design-wise.

All and all a good start for the holiday weekend. Here are some pretty pictures of chainmaille on my wedding china. Yes, these are also linked to Etsy so go shopping and support your favorite crazy chainmailler. 😉


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