Spontaneous Design

I really love the creative freedom spontaneous design provides. Aislyn of Urban Maille explains it quite well in one of her articles. This morning I had no clear direction of what I wanted to make; I simply had the time to make something. I tinkered and toyed around, picking up a strand of moonstones and seeing how well the holes were drilled because I thought about making a lariat to go with all of my cute XCVI tunics.  See?  Cute tunics… 😉

Last weekend I picked up an extra 3 feet of my favorite chain on the way to a friend’s house, so I at least knew I was going to use that chain for something. Ooo, lariat. But the moonstones wouldn’t be durable enough because the holes weren’t well drilled. Grrr. So I tried going purely chain and rings. I had some cool large square rings I’ve been itching to play with and started poking around with those. Then something started happening. A necklace grew out of all that tinkering and I was on a roll. That was probably the fastest necklace I’ve made for quite awhile, aside from Rock on a Rope. Crazy. I started with nothing but intention and came out with something. Be still my heart! I really am quite proud of this necklace. 😉

I know this won’t happen all the time, so I’m cataloging the moment. Heck, I was lucky to even be home this morning because Jesse’s siblings were sick. No Epic Breakfast for us. we ended up going to Korean BBQ. Whew, that was yummy. Steamed egg, rice, and a giant pile of beef. Baby and I were very happy.  Jesse.1 did most of the cooking.  My mother would be proud, she ate all the cow tongue. 😀


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