Coming Full Circle

I’ve been on a Buffy kick lately. Started with the middle of Season 6, then 7, then 5. Tonight I felt compelled to watch the Season 2 Finale when Buffy invites Spike into her home. It made me feel very nostalgic and contemplating the stark differences between who I was then vs who I am now.

From a jewelry perspective, I was still dabbling here and there with sterling silver chain and Swarovski crystal. But not as much for some reason until the summer before college. My sister bought a bunch of stretchy string bracelets with 3mm crystals, so my oldest sister and I made a trip to Bead District in Downtown LA in search of tiny crystals to make our own bracelets. Then college got in the way until a few years later during an organized bonding day of making crystal dolls with the Cal Poly Pomona student chapter of Society of Women Engineers. That got me back into my beads again and never really stopped since then, save for a short period of time when all I wanted to do was knit.

Chainmaille didn’t happen until late 2006. By then I was done with school with the hope of changing the world one traffic signal at a time. Oh, how I miss that naivety. I admit that ideal fell out of place real quick. πŸ˜› I knew I was bored with my jewelry skills but I kept chugging away anyway, like any dedicated artist would. Even the difference between who I am now vs who I was when I started chainmaille is huge. Personality-wise, dreams, goals, skills. It’s all very strange. I have a husband. I have a baby. I’m a bellydancer. I’m a chainmaille master. I equate bellydance with chainmaille skills… In order to make anything your own, artistically, you need to have not only strong skills, but soul to go along with it. Between Aislyn’s philosophy about jewelry design and Sashi’s Spirit of the Dance, I fully understand what it all means. You need both sides to create the whole. A yin yang, sun moon, light dark, right brain left brain, etc. That is how you become the best artist you can be. By taking your skills and applying yourself to those skills and BAM! you have your own unique personal style.

I don’t know what the future holds and it would be silly to try and figure out what it will be. All we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride, even if it means calloused feet, sore breasts full of milk, random sleeping hours, too much Buffy, and dented thumbnails from chaining beads to make linked necklaces. πŸ˜‰


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