Postpartum Lockdown ~ Week 1

So Hui.1 and I have been home for a week now.  The human body is really quite an amazing thing.  A week ago, I still felt like crap; my incision was still hurting therefore making my abs not fully functional, so getting in and out of bed was the biggest chore ever.  When I woke up after the first day in the hospital, my neck muscles were sore because of the extra compensation my body was making for the lack of functional ab muscles.  Yeah, that sucked.  Monday, walking to the mailbox was a chore, but I feel a heck of a lot better now.  Spirits are up because I sleep when the baby sleeps and my body is actually doing its job and healing.  The baby has been eating so much better than last week.  I pumped way too much and engorged my breasts with milk, but now that he’s eating more regularly, my body is compensating and not making quite so much milk.  Unfortunately, he wakes up every 2-3 hours, starving, so my internal clock is waaaaaay off base.  But whatever, it’s part of the Mommy job.

Mom’s been bringing over food when Jesse’s at the office.  It’s been really nice to have home cooked food again.  Of course, chicken and pork cooked with the bone so I get all the benefits of the calcium in the bone marrow, laced with as much ginger as possible.  I adore the lockdown concept, simply because it’s an introvert’s dream vacation.  Other than taking care of the baby, which is fairly simple because he sleeps so soundly, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.  Sure, there are times it’s frustrating, especially with his hands getting in the way during feedings, but it all works out.  I nap once he’s out for a few hours and I feel really energized.  I watch Buffy and when I was pumping, I would pump for 90% of the duration of a He-Man episode.  These past few days, Thursday, I think, I finally worked up the energy to work on some jewelry stuff.  Since this is a time for healing, it’s appropriate that I get to do what I love the most.  And I have the cutest baby ever. 😀


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