Golden Dreams

This is my latest project… I made Jesse go pick up the package from the post office on Saturday because even though it clearly said, “Deliver to Front Office”, they left a signature confirmation note instead. >.< When I opened the box, I was seriously wondering what I was thinking when I ordered everything. Mind you, this was probably the Monday before I went into labor, so anything before Tuesday I seriously do not remember. It took me awhile to figure out what the heck I was thinking.  I have a significant portion of it finish already and I anticipate it to be finished by the end of the week (giving myself ample time with the baby).  It reminds me of something Emily Gilmore would wear with one of her St. John suits… hehee.  I made it in silver for a custom order and felt the need to make one in gold.  Here’s the one in silver:

I’ll be finished with it either tomorrow or Thursday.  It really depends how much baby lets me get done.  Today’s been long and I pretty much slept most of the time he did.  But at least I put away half of the laundry.  I’ll get to the rest soon.  Bleh.  The weather has been calming down and slowly transitioning into fall.  I love the transitional seasons.  Now I’m just waiting for the tape on my incision to fall off so I can start wrapping my baby pooch.  Apparently that’s one of the few ways to get rid of it… wrap it in 100% cotton fabric.  Again, the body is a miraculous thing.  I did a little bit of yoga and bellydance yesterday, but it seriously wiped me out.  I may have to just start with the yoga to get my muscles back into a little bit of shape.  But nothing too strenuous or else I’ll seriously be a zombie trying to feed the baby.  Not cool.

Part of me is looking forward to getting on with my life after lockdown, but part of me is enjoying it a little too much.  I mean, yeah, taking care of a stubborn baby who screams bloody murder because he can’t figure out that he has to move his tongue down in order to eat is enough for anyone to go bonkers, but that aside, lockdown has been nice.  I don’t have to deal with anyone except family and close friends, I get to sleep as much as possible, and when I’m not exhausted, I get to make jewelry.  And Mom brings me yummy home cooked food.  Who wouldn’t love that? 😉

My super duper secret squirrel project supplies ships out tomorrow.  Excited to work on it and gather my guinea pigs.  No announcements until the Big Reveal.  Until then, enjoy some clips of Emily Gilmore. 😀



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