Postpartum Lockdown ~ Week 2

Hui.1 has attitude. He’s also eating a lot more so we stay up for most of the night. Definitely not the best part of the Mom job. At least we have some kind of routine down.  Last night was the most regular it’s been.  Hopefully this continues.  But here’s an idea of what my life consists of late:

Baby eat, sleep
I sleep
Baby eat, sleep
I sleep and/or eat
Rinse and repeat

I don’t function well until at least after 10am. And that’s usually when I get in my best nap. Then I’m a little bit more functional but it varies from day to day. It’s really nice having Jesse around to pick up the slack too. I do whatever my body allows me to do even if it means tidying up the apartment at 3am because I can’t sleep. I re-organized my workbench the other night and switched some framed posters around. On the wall with the crib, I’m going to take that one down and hang my little dragon talisman. 🙂

Creatively speaking, I only have so much time to myself, but I do have a few projects going. It’s fun and keeps my spirits up. Getting stuff done is another story all together though. My mind is racing with all the possibilities of shiny things to make. I’m simply limited on time, which is frustrating but I’m dealing. I’ve been feeling more inclined to cook so that’s a good sign. The weather is still pretty warm so I’m glad I’m missing that. It’s supposed to cool down into the low 80’s after the weekend. I hope so. Humidity sucks.

Last weekend I ordered my wedding china mugs for longer earrings.  Now I need to dig up some longer earrings or make some.  Here’s an issue I had with the tea cups…

Not the end of the world, but annoying at the very least.  I’m excited to have added to my china collection and to have a new prop.  Photography is really fun to learn.  I adore my camera and it won’t be awhile when I upgrade.  I’ll always use a point and shoot though.  I’ll leave the big gun DSL cameras to my dad and sister.  They’re Leica fanatics.  At least I have their cameras and epic lenses to play with if I ever feel inclined to test the waters.  But meh.  I have enough hobbies to keep me busy for a lifetime.  And a future career that needs further nurturing and launching.


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