Random Burst of Energy

My little dude is having a serious growth spurt. Yesterday (including Monday night’s feedings into Tuesday), all he wanted to do was EAT. I think he slept for 2 hours at a time at the most, but mostly an hour on average. By morning, I had a cow, poked Jesse to be in charge and slept as much as I could by the time morning came. Last night, my boobs were heavy and achy because he sucked me dry and my body decided to make more milk. >.< Today wasn't much better… Eat eat eat, sleep for an hour or less. Right now he's been sleeping since 8, woke up for a diaper change and now just starting to wake up.

Been doing a TON of chainmaille lately. Part of it is my super duper secret squirrel project, the gold vertebrae necklace, and an order from one of my biggest fans for an oxidized box chain necklace for her hubby. This has been the part of lockdown I've really been enjoying. I do miss sleeping through the night though. Maybe stuffing this any full of milk is the answer to our problems. 😉

My wedding china mugs came in! I need to dig out or make some longer earrings to test it out. I also have a bunch of stuff that needs tumbling. The humidity this summer has been really brutal. Eh, I will get to it eventually. I took an epic nap for probably about an hour and a half tonight. Maybe more. Once I finished eating, I handed the baby off to Jesse and seriously crashed. Baby slept like crazy for once, so I went on a cleaning spree. Threw out a ton of trash, organized the area under the vanity with all the diapers and wipes, sorted the laundry, and resisted the urge to Swiffer wet the bathroom and kitchen floors. I knew it would be too much to handle a d I still needed to play cow for the night. But I feel way better than most of today. So yay.


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