Being Mindful

Sleep is more important than blogging.

It’s true that being a stay at home mom is a full time job women never get credit for. At least I know my house is cleaner than it was when I was working. 😛

Sold a pair of earrings on Etsy over the weekend, which got me streamlining my shipping and packaging process as well as ordering new postcards with my website address.  But I still need to use up the old postcards so I can change my Etsy address… I was NOT thinking when I opened up my shop.  Oh well.  It feels good to be productive.  This is also part of not having any goals and just going with the flow.  It reminds me of how I like to design my jewelry.  Creating for the sake of creating without any vision of the end result.  True spontaneous design. 😉

Considering how demanding it is to have a newborn, it’s easier to live without goals since there’s not enough time to focus. It’s an interesting way of living, that’s for sure.  It truly forces you to slow down and live in the present.  Nothing in life that’s worth something is easy.  You gotta work for it.  I really like Leo’s post about how he turns the simple act of making and drinking tea into a ritual.  It forces us to slow down and appreciate what life has to offer, something that we’ve taken for granted these days.  And the countless distractions of iPhones and iPads and other gadgets.  There are more important things in life we need to pay attention to. 😉


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