House Vs. Home

These are the qualifications I want for my ideal home:

Kid friendly
A yard the kids can play in
A yard to garden in
Lots of natural light
Space for my jewelry studio
Good closet/storage space
Minimum 3 bedrooms
Not too far from family
Not too old
Lots of open areas

So we got the terms for renewing our apartment… $80/month increase. Honestly, that’s reasonable for the area we’re in, but also enough to start thinking about buying a house. I think we should renew for the shortest term (10 months) but also get the ball rolling for house hunting. I want to stay close to family, but that means dealing with the Orange County housing market. New homes start at $500k, usually with HOA dues. Epic fail. I think the trade off is this…

New house = smaller yard, less fixing up
Old house = bigger yard, more fixing up

What do you want to pay for? You can’t put a price tag on spending time with family, especially since Mom and Dad are getting older and Hui.1 needs to learn about the importance of family. I only just started figuring that out as I started a family of my own. It isn’t easy and I need to settle into my role of matriarch. Yikes. Thanks, honey.  At least they’re both cute. 😛

I miss being creative, but I need more sleep. And these moments with Hui.1 are the ones you really can’t get back. He’s growing exponentially so I need to pay attention before he turns into a teenager. I also need to figure out what I want to do with the business and where I want to go with it. Taking a hiatus to raise babies is worth every moment and gives me time to reflect and clean up my studio. My workbench is a nightmare right now. Need to tidy it up before I can harness any creativity. I’ve been more attached to my desk these days. But I can totally put Hui.1 down for a nap in the front room and sit at my workbench. Just hasn’t happened yet. Usually I nap on the futon if I do. But he’s getting better at sleeping. Whew.

My home needs to be cozy, not confining. The computers will be nestled in the back of the house near the kitchen (read: family room), while the living room will be more formal and kept clean, used for reading, pondering big thoughts, and sipping tea (hot apple cider and mulled wine in the colder months). The marble kitchen table will go wherever it will fit. That will probably be the dining room, but what will we do in the nook? Maybe there won’t be a nook area by the kitchen. Or it’ll be big enough for the table and the formal dining room will be an extension of the living room.  That would work best.  But then it’s a matter of what would go into that space.  That’ll be the fun part for sure.  Hehehehe.

Finding a home for my studio will be the hardest part. I want to be able to be free to leave everything a mess without my husband frowning. I want to have the freedom to decorate it the way I see fit, and probably above all, not need to child proof it. Jesse had a cow about my workbench until he gave up because I was more stubborn about keeping it there. So I need to come up with a solution for both of us to be happy with the setup and arrangement. Bah. It doesn’t help that my awesome bead cabinet is a lighter wood than I thought it would be. Not a big deal… Just adds some creativity in decorating and arranging the rooms. Unless I have a spare bedroom to take over, I’m not going to get my cozy, white Pottery Barn couch until the kids move out or I learn how to spot clean.



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